The benchmark's RAPIDITY

The Rapidity, object of this benchmark, is defined as the ratio R1978 of central processor execution time between the reference machine, an IBM 3033-U (OS/MVS), and a target machine. The ratio R1978 is normalized to 100 with an IBM 370/168-3 running under OS/MVS with Fortran 4.H.extended (opt=2) and having the High Speed Multiply Unit; within this scale, the reference machine, an IBM 3033-U, is positionned at 170.
The reference time being 286.30 seconds, R1978 = 169.58 * 286.30 / target CPU time
The reason for the scaling factor, 170, is purely historical: while the benchmarking process began, by 1978, from comparisons with the original program running on the IBM 370/168-3, the real data-gathering actually started with many results from the IBM 3033-U, whose timings thus are used as reference times.
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